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Facilities Operations (FO) is focused on operating and maintaining the buildings and assets, both on our main campus and remote campuses, that make UCF a great place to live and learn. The department implements preventative maintenance programs and performs corrective maintenance work to ensure that every building is safe, functional, clean, and attractive. They also support all recycling efforts by students and faculty.  Facilities Operations is comprised of Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Recycling.

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Facilities Planning and Construction (FPC) strives to ensure that the quality of UCF’s physical environment supports the University’s standards in teaching, research, service, and campus life; to excel in project delivery through leadership, integrity, passion, and excellent customer service; to create an exciting and safe campus environment for UCF students, faculty, and staff in which to learn, teach, work, and play; to minimize the life-cycle cost and environmental impact of UCF facilities, while maximizing sustainable and maintainable standards; and to maintain a departmental culture of respect and dignity where individuals are encouraged to lead, learn, and grow.

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Facilities & Safety Business Office (FSBO) provides a wide range of accurate and timely support services to the nine departments within Facilities and Safety. Through fiscal reporting and accounting services assistance is provided to departments as they strive to be responsible stewards of State funding. The staff, comprised of 14 employees, accounts for more than $55M in operational budgets, and $230M in capital projects.

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Facilities & Safety Human Resources (FSHR) works to foster a working environment where employees are productive, successful, and feel valued as well as aim to protect “people resources” by providing them with an understanding of UCF Human Resources policies and procedures as they are consistently applied throughout F&S. Employees are supported through courteous, confidential, and prompt customer service.

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Landscape and Natural Resources (LNR) enriches the community by creating and maintaining an inviting and sustainable outdoor environment, providing high-quality service for operational activities, and generating research and educational initiatives that guide conservation and stewardship of natural resources.

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Resource Management (RM) performs multiple support functions within Facilities and Safety, including warehouse receiving and storing, contract audit and management, F&S accounting, real estate management, policy and procedure management, postal services, records storage and destruction, IT, and surplus property management.

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Sustainability Initiatives (SI) seeks to create an environment where ideas are freely shared, partnerships are formed, and solutions are uncovered in the pursuit of environmental, economic, and social sustainability. SI understands that complex global challenges of today impact us all and recognize that these challenges cannot be solved alone. SI is heavily invested in building relationships within the community, partnering with local organizations, neighboring colleges, and key stakeholders to achieve common goals. With an eye to the future, the vision is to create a campus environment that informs and grooms the leaders of tomorrow.

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Utilities and Energy Services (UES) strives to obtain energy-efficient operations of building systems through education, optimization, implementation, and verification, while providing professional leadership and fostering sustainable growth. UES is responsible for providing and supporting a wide variety of mission-critical services at the University, including green building accreditation, commissioning, building automation system specification, integration, enterprise management, and utilities and energy management services for all campus buildings, comprising 7.8 million gross square feet of conditioned (both cooled and heated) space across UCF’s 1,415 acre main campus.

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