Facilities and Safety Human Resources Office

Welcome to the Facilities and Safety Human Resources Office. Whether you’re here to explore employment opportunities at Facilities and Safety or are a current employee, we hope this website provides you with an engaging and productive experience.

Our office supports approximately 600 employees, and in doing so, we partner with UCF’s Human Resources Office to ensure we deliver HR solutions that attract, retain, and engage a diverse workforce, contributing to the university’s goals of becoming more inclusive and diverse, and being America’s leading Partnership University.

Our Mission Statement
Support, develop, and protect the University’s most valuable resource - people!

Our Vision Statement
To foster a working environment where employees are productive, successful, and feel valued. We aim to protect our "people resources" by providing them with an understanding of UCF Human Resources policies and procedures as they are consistently applied throughout Facilities & Safety. We support our employees by offering courteous, confidential, and prompt customer service.